We are pleased to announce the availability of OML4Py on Oracle Database 21c (21.3). Earlier this year, we announced OML4Py on Oracle Autonomous Database. Now, Python users can extend the power of Python when analyzing data in Oracle Database. Oracle Machine Learning for Python (OML4Py) makes the open source Python scripting language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data.

Designed for problems involving both large and small data volumes, Oracle Machine Learning for Python integrates Python with Oracle Database, allowing users to run Python commands and scripts for data exploration, statistical analysis, and machine learning on database tables and views using Python syntax. Familiar Python functions are overloaded to translate Python functionality into SQL for in-database processing – achieving performance and scalability – transparently.

Python users can take advantage of parallelized in-database algorithms to enable scalable model building and data scoring – eliminating costly data movement. Further, Python users can develop and deploy user-defined Python functions that leverage the parallelism and scalability of Oracle Database along with third-party Python packages, and deploy those same user-defined Python functions using database spawned and managed Python engines through a SQL API.

Oracle Machine Learning for Python also introduces automated machine learning (AutoML), which consists of: automated algorithm selection to select the algorithm most appropriate for the provided data, automated feature selection to enhance model accuracy and performance, and automated model tuning to improve model quality. AutoML enhances data scientist productivity by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, while also enabling non-experts to produce models without needing detailed algorithm-specific knowledge.

Oracle Database 21c (21.3) is an Innovation Release and is now available on additional supported platforms (see MOS note 742060.1 for the list). Innovation Releases enable customers to rapidly adopt new and enhanced functionality for use cases and applications that could benefit from them. New features in Oracle Database 21c include Blockchain Tables, Native JSON Datatype, Oracle Machine Learning for Python, SQL Macros, and Javascript execution inside the Oracle Database. Customers should be aware that Innovation Releases have shorter support windows than Long Term Releases such as Oracle Database 19c. Customers adopting Innovation Releases should be prepared to upgrade to the next database release within one year after the next database release ships.

Learn more about Oracle Machine Learning and the new features and enhancements in Oracle Database 21c. Also, visit the new features learning guide, download the software (or try it in Always Free ADB), and explore the hands-on workshops on Oracle LiveLabs.

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