Top Blog RewardsHere are the winners of KDnuggets Top Blog Rewards Program for the month of September – congratulations to all below! These authors of these top 6 blogs published in September 2021 will share the $2,000 (USD) reward amount:

  1. Do You Read Excel Files with Python? There is a 1000x Faster Way, by Nicolas Vandeput
  2. Data Scientists Without Data Engineering Skills Will Face the Harsh Truth, by Soner Yildirim
  3. Path to Full Stack Data Science, by Jawwad Siddique
  4. Nine Tools I Wish I Mastered Before My PhD in Machine Learning, by Aliaksei Mikhailiuk
  5. A Data Science Portfolio That Will Land You The Job, by Natassha Selvaraj
  6. How to Create Stunning Web Apps for your Data Science Projects, by Murallie Thuwarakesh

The rewards program will continue for blogs published on KDnuggets in October 2021, but will stop in November in order to re-examine it and see how best to design it to encourage more high-quality original (unpublished) contributions to KDnuggets and relaunch it in January.

Of course , publication on KDnuggets will continue to be a great way to be recognized as a author of high-quality and will give authors a chance to reach a large part of our audience of many hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and subscribers.

Note: An original submission first published on KDnuggets may be reposted elsewhere two weeks after KDnuggets publication, provided there is a link to KDnuggets blog and text “Originally published on KDnuggets”.

To submit a blog to KDnuggets, please follow the submission guidelines.

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